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First Love.

This is not some simple girly obsessed crush you know. I don’t like him for his looks. I like him cause he’s him. There’s no one like him. He’s just him. I don’t think I can ever find another person like him. Ever. Like I said not to be all sappy but I’ve always admired him. When I met him, I was always jealous of him, always wanted to be like him, surpass him even. He’s so good at everything. Sometimes I wish he acknowledged me but he doesn’t notice shit. I’ve hated him for being so good at everything I was trying to be good at; that instead I’ve fallen for him. I’m always trying to impress him but he doesn’t see it. He’s so cool and he’s so good at keeping his emotional demeanor its like nothing can faze him. I wish I was like him. I look up to him. Even now I still do even if he is an ass but love does that to you right? No matter how much pain he’s brought to you. You still forgive him and you still like him like that. That’s how I feel. He’s my inspiration. Like a younger brother following his older brother’s footsteps. Except though, I’m a girl. It’s rather an intruiging notion when you put it that way. Don’t you think?

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Joshua from You Me At Six <3

Joshua from You Me At Six <3

Soccer and Pops cereal. My life is complete <3

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Acceptance | So Contagious

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Had an awesome New Years :D

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Oh just, fake people.

I admit the fact that I worry too much, I doubt too much, I remember too much..

I just can’t stop doing all those things and I know that when I do so, I get hurt, I feel a certain pain.

I’m way too negative but hey that’s what happens when something or someone just brings you down like that..
It’s hard to trust now a days. 

I don’t even wanna hang with my friends anymore. Sigh, sigh.

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Was at the mall with them though.

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This is how I push someone to reach their goal. Aggressiveness.
  • Me: And here I thought you actually had the balls to talk to her.. -__-
  • Friend: Yes, I admit I don't have the balls to talk to her.
  • Me: Ughh.Talk to her you idiot. Don't act all crushy lovey when you just sit there and do nothing. Don't be such a fat pussy are you trying to fill up the whole class room with those things?! People need space especially from that. So do us all a fucking favor and associate to that damn girl of yours and stop foggin up the classroom from being such a fat pussy. Thankyou.
  • Friend: Okay..
  • Me: So are you gonna talk to he now?
  • Friend: Yes I'm going to try and talk to her ..
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My Favorite Highway | The Chase

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Tell me..

Tell me honestly about every detail that revolves around that stone stroked heart. Tell me what you feel, and how you cope with the feelings. Tell me all the things that you long thought was nothing - and let me decode all the hidden emotions that you clearly don’t understand. Tell me how’s your day, how’s your life, how’s your heart. Tell me your fears, that obviously include everything under the sun. Tell me the truth, don’t lie, don’t deny. Tell me, will you please tell me, who you like. Tell me why, tell me now. Tell me that I’m right when I say “I told you so” and tell me that I speak precise when I say “..and it’s gone”. Tell me you’re just scared. Tell me you’re just in doubt. But above all these, please tell me you’ll be honest with everyone - including yourself. 

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You know when sometimes you meet someone so beautiful and then you actually talk to them and five minutes later they’re as dull as a brick? Then there’s other people, when you meet them you think, “Not bad. They’re okay.” And then you get to know them and… and their face just sort of becomes them. Like their personality’s written all over it. And they just turn into something so beautiful. Amy Pond 645 notes
my flirt face cx

my flirt face cx

Jack’s Mannequin | Rescued

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